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Find the plants you love but need help arranging them? Our design services team is here to help. At Greengate we are all about helping you create a lifestyle through your landscaping and gardening endeavors. We understand that landscaping can often be a large job and difficult to figure out where to start. We're here to help take the stress of beginning that project off your hands. We work closely with you to help design a functional layout to help compliment your home. We want to make sure that we aren't taking away from your property's beautiful existing structure, rather we try to help highlight the areas that will really make it shine. We work to make sure that you are able to make the most out of where you live by making it sustainable and inviting.

After Design Services

When you make an appointment with us to discuss design services we are able to go into Google maps and look at the birds eye view of your home. By doing this we are able to gain a general idea of the layout in which will look best for you.

We then go in with our design software and create a general idea of placement and plants that may compliment your home best. By doing this you are able to then have a starting place of where your next steps will be for your landscaping project.

Though we do not personally provide our own landscaping services we are able to point you in the direction of the perfect foliage to fill in the space as well as local contractors that will work with you at the best price available. At Greengate we are here to serve you. We succeed when you succeed and we are here to be your partner to ensure that your landscape and gardening projects are seen through to perfection.

Before Design Services

Before Design Services

After Design Services

After design services

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