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Plants are just about everywhere we look. They are an essential part of creating life as we know it. Coming in all shapes and sizes plants serve many different purposes. Here at Greengate Garden Center we understand the importance of gardening not only on the environment but also the impact it holds on our customers every day lives. We are here for you to help create a more relaxed and balanced lifestyle through the art of gardening. No matter what you need we are happy to help you along your gardening journey and hope you find everything you're looking for here at Greengate Garden Center!

Explore our flowers at Greengate Garden Center

Explore our many varieties of flowers. Create a beautiful essence of sight and smell as you walk through your garden. Brighten your landscape and your mood! Learn more about what type of flowers are best for you.

Learn more about roses

Stop and smell the roses with us, but be careful not to get too close. These beautiful flowers have a bit of a personality behind them as their stems are often armed with sharp thorns. Roses make a beautiful addition to any landscape. Read more about what makes these beautiful flowers so unique.

Learn more about indoor plants

Bring the luxury of the outdoors inside. Indoor plants are a wonderful addition to any home or office space. As they freshen the air, relax and connect to the nature that surrounds you. Click to learn more about what makes indoor plants so great.

Indoor Plants
Love fresh carrots? Now is the time to get your seeds started for this tasty root crop. They can be grown in the ground or containers, we

Grow your very own herbs and vegetables! Food has never tasted so fresh. Skip the store and pick rosemary directly from your backyard or share home grown tomatoes with your neighbors. Learn more about why herbs and vegetables are a great addition to your home.

Vegetables and Herbs

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Interior Plants

Bring the luxury of the outdoors inside with interior landscaping! Plants are here to help you increase the quality of your everyday life and are an excellent addition to any home or office space! Freshen your air quality with a beautiful peace lily or relax with an air plant that compliments your interior style. No matter what plant you choose it is sure to add life to any room! We encourage you to fill your life with greenery and shop our greenroom today!

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