Welcome to Greengate Garden Center!

Welcome to Greengate Garden Center

Here at Greengate Garden Center, we are here to serve you! Every plant that is brought into Greengate is already acclimated to the surrounding area so we can ensure you that you are taking home a plant that has an opportunity to thrive! As you shop our collections of beautiful plants and flowers we encourage you to bring your furry friends with you as well. Here at Greengate we are all dog lovers ourselves and recognize they're by your side as you're in the garden, so we encourage you to bring them with you as you shop as well! We are a full-service garden center located in Lake Charles, LA. Dedicated to ensuring our customer’s success we pride ourselves upon handpicking each one of our plants brought in to our shop from our surrounding growers.

At Greengate, gardening is more than just a hobby or anesthetic, it's a lifestyle. We strive to bring this lifestyle of health and happiness to our surrounding community. We realize that gardening can be extremely therapeutic and we believe strongly that it has the ability to improve quality of life for anyone that participates. We welcome everyone in the community to come and be a part of the greenery experience and hope you will come join us today!

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The Greengate Family

Meet Sallie Dondis

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Sallie has been part of the gardening industry for 60+ years! Sallie loves the satisfaction of seeing a plant develop to its full potential. As well as the feeling of pride that comes as a result of working, developing, and maintaining a garden. She believes gardening is one of the best ways to relieve stress and have a tangible and visual bonus in the process. For Sallie, there are just too many wonderful plants to choose just one favorite. When she isn’t in the garden Sallie can be found doing needlework, puzzles, or exploring art museums and historical preservations. Sallie is thankful to have the opportunity to have a business that brings joy to its customers, and beauty to her city and surrounding areas. She loves her gardening customers and sees them as good people that are a pleasure to serve. Sallie feels fortunate enough through the years to have employees who take the challenge to help our customers achieve their gardening goals.

Meet Joshua Keith

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Joshua has been in the gardening industry for 13+ years and loves that it gives him the opportunity to decompress and spend time with nature. For Joshua, gardening gives him a chance to focus on what's right in front of you and not be distracted by the worries of the future. He loves seeing his work grow and flourish and can be found by his many favorite plants such as roses, camellias, hydrangeas, and tropical fruits.. When Joshua is not at Greengate he is often in the garden at home, playing soccer, reading, or homesteading! Joshua is also an animal lover and spends lots of time with his 2 cats, dog, and many chickens!

Meet Clovie Holmes

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Clovie has been working in the gardening industry for 40+ years! While working at Greengate Garden Center Clovie can often be found near the geranium. She loves watching things grow throughout the garden. Outside of working at Greengate you can often find Clovie in her yard doing yard work or inside with her sweet cats sewing and singing!

Meet Sally Johnson

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Sally has been in the gardening industry for over a decade. She adores being outside, and is a Northern transplant from Wisconsin! She absolutely loves spending time with her own two cats, Charlie and Charlotte, along with our local resident cat GG! Her home at Greengate has become the bedding department, where she helps everyone with a smiling face! If you are looking for some beautiful fresh color, she is your gal, and we are very lucky to have her expertese.

Meet Amber McDonald

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Amber has been in the gardening industry for 5 years. She loves gardening because it gives her the opportunity to play in the earth and produce her own food! You can usually find her near just about any plant that smells good as those are her favorites. Outside of working at Greengate she can be found spending time with her family, playing in the garden, or reading books! Amber is also kept company by her 2 cats.

Meet Jamie Mihalick

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Jamie has been working in the gardening industry for 15+ years. She loves learning about new plants and watching as they change throughout the seasons. You can often find Jamie out by her favorite plant, Muhly Grass. When she isn’t at Greengate you’ll often find her doing just about anything creative! Whether it be quilting, painting, baking, or doing puzzles, Jamie has a passion for creativity. While she has her free time her black lab mix keeps her thoroughly entertained with games of fetch and catching fish out of her pond.

Meet Ken Price

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Watching things bloom and grow are just a few of Ken’s favorite things about gardening! He has been in the industry for 15 years and loves Japanese Maple trees. Outside of working You can find Ken enjoying quality time with his grandkids, in the garden, or golfing.

Meet Richard Chisholm

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Richards has been working in the gardening industry for 7 years! He loves constantly learning new things about plants and how they grow and especially loves the foxtail fern. His 3 cats keep him company outside of work where you can also find him working on vehicles, recycling metals, and video gaming. Richard is extremely grateful to have such an amazing job to look forward to going to and to have the opportunity to work for the best bosses!

Meet Samuel Cabuk

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Samuel loves watching as the creations of life change before his eyes in the garden. He has spent 15 years being apart of the industry and loves learning more and more every day! Samuel loves spending time closest to the camellias as they bring him much joy. When he isn’t at work him and his cat spend time reading, drawing, and video gaming!