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We understand just how much time and effort you put into perfecting your yard. We're here to make sure that we provide you with the very best! Your hardwork and dedication deserves to be recognized and we have the tools to help maintain your garden for years to come!

Learn why you need fertilizer.

Why You Need Fertilizer For Your Garden

Fertilizers are important in maintaining plant health. Through replenishing the lost nutrients these gardening supplies are essential to help maintain a happy and healthy garden! Fertilizers are important for:

  • Maintaining water retention
  • Releasing nutrients to plants
  • Improving plant growth

Our Fertilizers

  • Fertilome Winterizer
  • Fertilome Premium Bedding Plant Food
  • Bone & Blood Meal Flower Fertilizer
How herbicides and insecticides benefit your garden.

Herbicides And Insecticides Benefits

Protect your yard against the nasty pests such as weeds and insects! These nasty pests take away from the garden you’ve worked so hard to grow. Fight back and prevent insects and intrusive plants with herbicides and insecticides!

  • Safely controls weeds
  • Prevents plant-eaters that could cause disease
  • Protects your garden

Our Herbicides and Insecticides

  • Fertilome Ultimate Ant Killer
  • Fertilome Organic Insect Killer
  • Fertilome F-Stop Disease Control
  • Season Long Weed Control For Lawns
Soil Amendments

Why Soil Amendments Make A Great Addition To Your Garden

Soil amendments are a great addition to your garden and often help maintain a solid and healthy ground for your plants to grow from. Soil amendments improve the capacity for nutrients within the soil as well as water-holding capacity. Help your plants thank you with soil amendments today.

  • Balances minerals within soil
  • Increases moisture intake from surface
  • Buffers from toxic conditions

Our Soil Amendments

  • Fertilome Ultimate Potting Mix
  • Fertilome Cactus Mix
  • Fertilome Seed And Cutting Mix
  • Fertilome Perlite
Seeds for your garden

Why You Should Buy Gardening Seeds

Plant the seeds and watch them grow! Seeds are great for all ages and make a fun way to grow your own garden from scratch. Come by Greengate today to check out our collection of gardening seeds.

  • Relieves stress
  • Benefits childhood development
  • Fresh way to grow your own vegetables

Some Of Our Gardening Seeds Include

  • Tomato seeds
  • Flower seeds
  • Strawberry seeds
  • Cucumber seeds

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